BOOK REVIEW: The Handmaid's Tale

One of my 2018 goals was to read 12 books this year and so far I'm right on track! I got The Handmaid's Tale for my birthday back in November and finally got around to reading it when I got back from the holidays.

The book is definitely different from the Hulu series, though still thought provoking in the same sort of way.


1 Smoothie + 2 Shakes

I love smoothies and protein shakes. I love making them in the winter when I tend not to eat as many fruits and vegetables as I should (give me allll the cheesy bread), but I love them in the summer by the pool, too.

I've been drinking more and more smoothies recently because it's the only meal prep I can actually get behind. I love just dumping things in my Magic Bullet and having something healthy to sip on during slow afternoons at work! Plus, unlike meal prepping veggies/meats/rices/etc, smoothies don't get soggy! You double (or triple!) any of these suggested recipes and save them for 3-4 days. Definitely a win-win!


P.S.: For your reference, I'm referring to a blended drink with fruit when I say smoothie, and no fruit when I say shake! Enjoy.


I've been trying to cook more exciting recipes in 2018. So far, so good. I ended up buying the Tone It Up nutrition guide to try and get my health in check and get inspiration for new recipes. It definitely worked and I have been loving what I've been eating! (Not to mention I feel better and I have more energy!)

So far, this recipe is by far my favorite. I've adapted it a little from the original recipe, but the idea is the same. It's simple to make and full of nutritious, whole foods. It's vegeterian, but could easily be made with meat (switch veggie patty mix for ground turkey) or vegan (just don't add cheese!).

10 Things

Good morning and happy Friday! Even though it's 10 degrees outside, and feels like -1 with the wind chill, I'm feeling good because it's Friday and we have a 3 day weekend! Truly blessed. Here are 10 random things I've had on my mind recently!

HOW'D I LIVE WITHOUT: Facial Products

I've been really stepping up my ~beauty~ routine in the past couple of years. Would you believe me if I told you I didn't wash my face regularly until.... college?! I remember hating the way the face scrub I got from Target when I was 13 made me feel, so I just stopped using it! It never even occurred to me to simply switch brands! Thankfully, a mix of good-genes and birth control made it so I didn't really need to wash my face cosmetically. Makeup remover was good enough for me!

...but then I got to college. And a combination of late night eating, alcohol, new environments, dirty roommates and not having a mom (or the quarters) to wash my pillowcases regularly got to me. My friend let me try some of her face wash and I remember feeling like I had just exfoliated years off my face.

I've slowly been adding to my facial routine ever since and oooomg I can't believe I went (lived!) so long without these products!

What I Learned After Moving Across the Country

I've lived in Oklahoma for about four months now! At times it's gone quickly, and other days felt like they would never end. Instead of writing my usual post-move update, I thought I'd switch it up by sharing some things I've learned from my move. I said "moving across the country" in the title, but I think most of these could be applied to anyone moving to a new town, especially where you don't know anybody.

2018 Goals

I always love the new year. Even though a majority of things remain the same, I feel like it's a chance to start fresh and make some real changes. It's so easy to say "I'll start on Monday" or "Next week I'll do it" but there's literally no better time to change your habits and set some goals than on the first day of a brand new year!