Monday, September 18, 2017


It's officially been one week since I moved away from Atlanta. It feels so weird that the city I grew up in is no longer my "permanent address." However, Atlanta will always be my ~home~

I decided to make a guide to the city I know and love in case anyone ever decides to make the trip to Hotlanta! (Only don't really call it that 😉)

The Flying Biscuit // One of my favorite brunch places in Atlanta. Southern food, fluffy biscuits, amaaaazing apple butter. This place has it all, and they serve breakfast all day. Win/win.
Figo // Made from scratch pasta, pick your own noodle and then choose your sauce style. Or you can go with a classic favorite. I recommend the ravioli di cipolla.
Taco Mac // An Atlanta sports bar chain that has it all! From wings to burgers to chicken fingers to salads, Taco Mac is your one stop shop for anything you might be craving.

The Varsity // You can’t go to Atlanta without eating at the Varsity! The world’s largest drive-in fast food restaurant. They serve an ungodly amount of chili, especially on Georgia Tech game day. Stop by for a chili dog and an F.O., but be sure to brush up on The Varsity lingo first.
Taqueria del Sol // Atlanta has great Mexican food if you know where to look! This is a order at the counter Mexican restaurant in the Decatur area, famous for their margaritas and salsa trio. Not to mention, the a la carte tacos are very yummy too.
Sundial // If you’re feeling #fancy, the Sundial is for you! Atlanta’s famous revolving restaurant offers incredible skyline views (if it’s a nice day). I went here for my 21st birthday celebration with my mom and our family friends and it was incredibly rainy outside, so I definitely need back. But if you go, order the peach daiquiri! It’s on the secret menu, but worth it I promise!
Mary Mac’s (Atlanta’s Dining Room) // Mary Mac’s Tea Room is an Atlanta staple. If you’re looking for a good Southern meal, this is your place. Fried chicken, fried okra, fried everything pretty much. Not to mention alllllll the sweet tea. Mary Mac’s is so famous that it was designated Atlanta’s Dining Room by the Georgia legislature. Ah, local government.

Ladybird Canteen // Ladybird is one of my favorite restaurants along The Beltline. Start your night by having a beer at Krog Street Market, and then make your way over to Ladybird. Sit outside and people watch while enjoying one of their delicious cocktails. For food, pretty much anything you get is good, but I recommend the burger with a side of mac and cheese, or the chicken platter for two. After you’re done eating, be sure to stay for a while and get another drink from the truck in the yard!
Park Tavern // Another great place for drinks, this time at the end of the Beltline at Piedmont Park. Park Tavern has great views of the Atlanta skyline, and amazing king crab dip and queso. They also have live music some nights during the year, so be sure to check their calendar!
6 Feet Under // If you love seafood, this is the place for you! There are a couple of locations in Atlanta, but I’d recommend the first location on Memorial Drive. It’s right across from the famous Oakland Cemetery, hence the creative name of the restaurant. This location also has great skyline views. I’d recommend the popcorn shrimp!

The King Center // If you’re in Atlanta, one thing that you’ll want to spend time on is the Civil Rights Movement. Unfortunately Atlanta doesn’t have the greatest track record with race-related issues, but the city has done a great job recognizing it with The King Center. The area has been designated a National Historic Site, which makes it totally free for visitors. There’s a museum, access to Ebenezer Baptist Church, and a short walk will take you to Dr. King’s home. You do need a reservation to tour his birth house, but it’s the only part that needs a guide.
The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum // Georgia is the proud home of President Jimmy Carter. If you’re into public service and presidential information, this is definitely a museum for you. There’s even a life-sized Oval Office replica! (The center also has free parking, inexpensive admissions, and easy access through Inman Park to the Beltline.)
Gone with the Wind Tour // Why, Miss Scarlett! Atlanta is the home of Gone with the Wind, and therefore has plenty of options for the die-hard fans. (Or just any fan of the novel). Start at the Margaret Mitchell house downtown, and make your way through the neighborhoods that played an important part in Scarlett’s live, as well as the history of the entire country.
World of Coke // If you come to Atlanta, you need to know that we call anything fizzy a “coke.” Probably because the World of Coke is located right downtown. Not the cheapest place in the world to visit, but the exhibits are interactive and the coca-cola branding process is very cool to learn about. Don’t skip the tasting room at the end of your tour, but stay far away from the Beverly flavor! (Trust me.)
Georgia Aquarium // The largest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere is located right next to the World of Coke! How convenient. The Georgia Aquarium is home to thousands of species in over 10 million gallons of water. Definitely worth the visit, especially if your children are with you!
Centennial Olympic Park // The World of Coke and the Georgia Aquarium are both located right next to Atlanta’s very own Centennial Olympic Park. Famous for the views, and for being the heart and soul of the 1996 Summer Olympics.
The Fox Theatre // The architecture alone makes The Fox Theatre worth a visit, even if just from the outside. The Fox Theatre is an Atlanta staple, and the heart of the Fox Theatre Historic District. Fitting! (I actually graduated from high school in the auditorium. A cool experience that I’ll never forget!)
Stone Mountain // A little bit of a drive from the heart of downtown, but one of Georgia’s most famous landmarks. The name all but gives it away: Stone Mountain is literally a giant stone that sticks up a mile into the sky. The hike is easy, the views are great, and the laser shows are a great way to spend a summer night.

I do want to add that Stone Mountain has not had the most ideal past. A lot of the museums in the park consist of exhibits that explain the role that Stone Mountain had in the Confederate States of America, as well as the re-founding of the KKK in Georgia in the 1920s. There are some museums on the property that are organized to be just like plantations as well. The carving on the side of the mountain is of three Confederate generals, and was commissioned before the State of Georgia bought the land from its private owner. Under Georgia law, the carving is not to be changed. It’s a gross and unfortunate stamp on Georgia’s history that has been brought to light in response to recent events. One of the candidates for Georgia’s governor has started to campaign on removing the carving, but it seems unlikely that that will happen in the near future. Despite all of this, I hope that visitors will still be able to enjoy the park and all of the activities there are while learning about Georgia’s complicated past.

High Museum // Although not as famous as The Met or The MoMa, Atlanta’s High Museum plays host to great collections of art. Time your visit right (or take advantage of the purely coincidental occurrence) because the second Sunday of each month is free!
Zoo Atlanta // I looove zoos. Zoo Atlanta is no exception! They are home to over a thousand animals, and are currently 1 of 4 zoos in the United States that houses giant pandas. Don’t worry, Zoo Atlanta is an ethical zoo and practices conservation methods.
Oakland Cemetery // Oakland Cemetery is one of the oldest and most historic places in Atlanta. It has grown and changed with the city, making it a great place to learn more about the rough history of Atlanta.

Midtown // Home to restaurants, shopping, and stellar views. Come here for comedy clubs, drinks, and great food before a show at the fabulous Fox Theatre.
The Belt Line // One of my all-time favorite Atlanta neighborhoods! Don’t miss out when you visit ATL. Walk from one end to the next and enjoy local art, people watching, restaurants, and shopping at Ponce City Market.
Buckhead // AKA where the celebrities hang out. Home to great but expensive shopping, Buckhead has a lot to do if you’re into eating and buying expensive clothes.
Little Five Points // Calling all lovers of everything vintage! Little Five Points is Atlanta’s resident weird neighborhood. Graffiti, tattoo artists, preachers, foodies, and artists all convene in Little Five Points. Be sure to eat at The Vortex! It’s the restaurant with the giant skull. You can’t miss it!

Decatur // The City of Decatur has a lot to do, especially if you’re into taking things slow and wandering down cozy streets. Tons of boutique stores line the streets, and there are local restaurants on every corner. Be sure to check out a concert in the square during the summer!
Inman Park // Speaking of cozy streets, it doesn’t get any cozier than Inman Park. One of Atlanta’s first planned subdivisions, Inman Park has phenomenal restaurants with easy access to the Beltline. Win/Win. Check out the Inman Park festival if you’re in Atlanta in the spring!

Jackson St. Bridge // Walking Dead anyone? This is definitely Atlanta’s most famous bridge, and with good reason. It’s one of the few places where you can see the entire skyline. The bridge is around the corner from the King Center, but you’ll know when you see it. Look for everyone having mini-photoshoots.

The Beltline // More skyline views paired with local art and graffiti make The Beltline very aesthetically pleasing. Painted doors, bridges, and sculptures are all there for your Instagrammable pleasure. Be on the lookout for tiny doors while you’re there!

Skyline Park // The name gives it away! Skyline Park is on top of Ponce City Market and offers great views of the entire Atlanta skyline, the Buckhead skyline, and on a clear day you can see Stone Mountain and even as far as Kennesaw Mountain. You do have to pay to get up there, but it’s worth it once or twice.


  1. Atlanta looks so beautiful. Definitely want to travel there.

  2. What a great list! I'm in Savannah and I plan on making a trip to "Hotlanta" in the fall...when it's not so miserably hot and humid. I'm going to pin your guide and hit up a few places on the list (especially The Flying Biscuit). It's so unfortunate that you have to make a disclaimer about Stone Mountain. I've been there and the view is beautiful, but its history is similar to many landmarks you'll find throughout the state.

    1. Definitely - especially near southern Georgia.

  3. I usually just pass through ATL on road trips, but I really need to make a point to stop a little longer next time!

  4. I've grown up in Georgia my whole life and there some places on this list I need to visit!!!

  5. I've never been to Atlanta, but I have heard it's great city! I need to visit now!!!

  6. I've never been to Atlanta except to stop over in the airport which obviously doesn't count, I've heard it's a really fun city so I would love to visit.

  7. Looks like an amazing trip. I went once, but didn't see these sights!

  8. I've never been to Atlanta, but your guide shows it's such a fun city. Will definitely reference this if I ever plan a trip there!

  9. I've never been to Atlanta and never really had the desire to, but this post makes me want to check it out! I hear it's pretty up and coming, too. Gorgeous photos!

  10. Tacqueria del sol is SOOOOOOOO good. Also, Fox Bros for barbecue! My boyfriend was in Atlanta all last summer for an internship and I really, really, really loved the food. I could've eaten my way through that entire city!

    xoxo, Paige

    1. Oooh yum!!! I love BBQ but my mom doesn't really like it so we never went anywhere for it!

  11. Such a great list! When I finally visit Atlanta again, I'll be sure to keep your list in mind - esp those restaurants! YUM!

  12. MMMM Mexican food! I would be all over Tacqueria del Sol! hahaha. Love this guide. Good luck on your new adventure. :)

  13. This is so helpful! I will be visiting Atlanta soon! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Bookmarking this just in case I visit Atlanta!

  15. My family used to live outside of Atlanta in Buford. I love Atlanta! I usually drive through when I road trip to South Carolina, but I don't always get time to actually stop and enjoy the sites. I have been to the aquarium and Coca-Cola though!

  16. Such a great travel guide! I've been to Atlanta a couple of times and love it! Varsity's is the best!

  17. Loved this guide so much! I live about 2 hours west of Atlanta (in Alabama!) so we go there pretty regularly and you hit on so many of my favorite places. I'm definitely going to be visiting some of your suggestions that I haven't made it to yet :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  18. I want to go on the Gone With the Wind tour. And Little Five Points sounds like a fun neighborhood, too! I think I need to book a trip to Atlanta now.

  19. I definitely want to visit there one day. I have a whole list of murals I want to do photos with. I will have to remember your eating recommendations. I love trying new places.

  20. Wow, there's so much to do in Atlanta! I definitely want to visit someday - the food looks so delish!

  21. I haven't been to ATL in years, but I definitely want to go back! The Varsity and the museum both sound right up my alley. I also remember loving the aquarium when I was younger, so I want to do that again.

  22. My best friend and I are planning a girl's trip to Atlanta, so this post came at the PERFECT time! Thank you so much for this :) The High Museum is on my list of places to check out!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

    1. OMG I'm so glad!! I love the High!

  23. LOVE this roundup! I need to get back to Atlanta!

  24. I haven't ever had occasion to spend time in ATL but this city guide definitely makes me want to explore it!

  25. Love this! Makes me want to go to ATL now!!
    XO - Beth

  26. I love this guide!! One of my best friends lives in Atlanta - it's SO much fun there! So much to do and see and it's always moving, that's my favorite part!

  27. Ahh so fun! My hometown is actually closer to ATL than CLt and I use to visit all the time!


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