101 in 1001 Update

I've been slowly making my way through my 101 in 1001 list. I know that I realistically won't be able to cross off all of the items, but I'm proud of myself for trying anyway! (Usually when I know I won't accomplish anything I just stop because I hate failure- which is a terrible habit that I'm trying to break.)

I recently crossed a few milestones off the list and I wanted to share with y'all!

Career Series: 3 Emails to Send to Your Network

When it came to networking during my job search, I honestly felt at a little disadvantage. Neither of my parents worked "traditional" 9-5 jobs, let alone had any contacts in my field.

My mom, however, did have a friend who knew friends. So my networking was a lot of emails... and a lot more trial and error.

Today I wanted to share with y'all the three emails that got me a response every time (!!!).

Chambray Dress

Happy Friday! This week went by so quickly for me. I got permission from a friend to use their Hulu account which meant I could finally start the Handmaid's Tale. Oh. My. Gosh. I can't pull myself away from the television!! I totally get the hype and now fully understand how it won so many Emmys.

I definitely need to find a balance so I can start spending more time outside and soak up the first few days of Fall. It's still really hot here (as in 100 degrees when I leave my work at 5 😅) so I've been allll about transition pieces.


It's officially been one week since I moved away from Atlanta. It feels so weird that the city I grew up in is no longer my "permanent address." However, Atlanta will always be my ~home~

I decided to make a guide to the city I know and love in case anyone ever decides to make the trip to Hotlanta! (Only don't really call it that 😉)

Dancing in the Streets

Is it just me and my friends, or is love in the air? Let me rephrase... is it just my friends? I feel like almost every one of my close friends is in a serious relationship and about to get engaged. And I CAN'T WAIT! (Editing this post really quick to add that one of my dear friends got engaged last night! So excited and so happy for her and her fiance! Feels weird to say!)

Bring on the chance to shop for wedding guest dresses like this PERFECT option from Tobi!

Career Series: Staying Organized

Welcome back to part 2 of 4 of my career series! Today I want to talk about staying organized throughout the process. With tons of applications, stages of interviews, rejections, etc. it can be really hard to stay organized and know what you're looking at.

During my job search, I created one giant spreadsheet (well, technically two if you count pre-internship and post-internship) where I stayed organized. Hopefully, this technique will help you, too!

(And don't worry - this post is a lot shorter and a lot less rambly than last week's!)

First Day of Work!

I'm officially all moved into my apartment in Stillwater and tomorrow is my first day of work!

Career Series: Intro

I’m so excited to start a brief little career series with you guys. I think my job search was pretty normal when it was all said and done, but I know during my search I loved to read other peoples’ experiences. There’s comfort in community, and when you don’t know where your life is headed, there’s nothing more comforting than knowing that other people have been there and survived it all.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to detail my job search: how I stayed organized, how I networked without having a network, and the biggest things I took away from the crazy processes. Today, however, I want to detail my background and how I got my job!

Farewell, Atlanta!

I can't believe I leave for Oklahoma tomorrow. These past couple of weeks have gone by so fast with furniture shopping, stocking up on orange (slowly getting used to it), and soaking up my last few moments on the couch with my dog.

While my sister was in town this weekend, I knew I wanted to stroll along the Beltline one last time.

Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese

There's something about Fall that makes me crave anything warm and creamy. With football season coming up, one recipe, in particular, comes to mind: buffalo chicken dip. But what if I told you that buffalo chicken dip could be made even better by sandwiching it between two slices of cheesy, buttery bread?