Friday, February 3, 2017

Weekly Recap

Was it just me, or did this week seriously fly by?! Someone asked me on Wednesday what I did over the weekend and I just couldn't even remember, it felt like so much had happened since then! (I remembered later on that I went to see Hidden Figures... 10/10 would recommend to anybody!)

This weekend I'm looking forward to doing a little bit of shopping and relaxing on Saturday, and then preparing for the Super Bowl on Sunday! RISE UP!


The Cutest Falcons Fan // If you only watch/read/click/pretend to click one of the links I share today... make it this one. I saw this picture on Facebook and thought it was so precious, and now I think so even more after learning the back story. I'm so nervous for the game on Sunday, but I hope the Falcons can pull it out for Wyatt! (...and me)

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles // I'm trying to get back into a good skincare routine. Now that I'm living at home, I don't have the "college excuse" (going out, studying late, being extremely tired) to not take care of my skin! One thing I've really noticed is that I have dark circles under my eyes, even though I definitely get enough sleep, hydrate all day, hardly drink alcohol, and generally stay away from salty foods. I'm definitely going to try some of these concealers and creams mentioned in this article... but do y'all have any advice??

Budweiser Super Bowl Ad // I usually try not to watch Super Bowl commercials until the night of, but Ellen DeGeneres shared this one and I gave in. I love it. I think it's timely and well-made, and I seriously applaud Budweiser for creating it.

NFL Bad Lip Reading 2017 // And to finish it off... the NFL bad lip reading is here! These videos always crack me up. This year's is no different.


  1. I love love love the Bad Lip Reading! Although I do have to say they can't beat the original NFL one!
    -Anna |

  2. Budweiser always has the BEST Super Bowl ads! Sometimes they make you laugh but usually they're emotional and make me cry!

  3. Bad lip readings are hilarious! If you havent seen the inauguration day one you should!

  4. haha this week really did go by so fast! I love that picture of ice cream!


  5. Bad Lip Readings are the best!

    Alix |

  6. Woah how have I never heard of the bad lip readings. Loling so hard right now

  7. I never heard of bad lip readings! Also trying to get rid of dark circles over here!

  8. I think everyone needs to learn how to remove dark circles with all the work to do and so less time to sleep. Am I right? Haha I saw some bad lip readings videos. Hilarious!

    Shi Hui | IreviewUread

  9. I love super bowl commercials I have only seen one I want to wait until tomorrow!

  10. I'll have to check out the thing about combatting dark circles- definitely a problem for me! Have a great weekend and enjoy the Big Game!

    xoxo A

  11. I love the Budweiser commercial too! They always have good commercials.

    Greta |

  12. The Budweiser commercials are always the best! I had to resist not click your link! haha!

  13. That Budweiser commercial was one of my favorites and NFL lip readings are my favorite!


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