Friday, January 27, 2017

Weekly Recap

I feel like this week flew by! I spent a lot of it applying for jobs (I hit the big 5-0 mark this week... yikes), but I scored a couple of interviews with amazing companies so hopefully something will work out!

As I'm sure you all noticed, social media this week was pretty wild. Amongst all of the political debates, there were still some great articles and videos that I found and wanted to share!

(Speaking of social media this week... it has really made me want a margarita the size of my head, just like this one I had during finals week last year!)

Aziz Ansari SNL Monologue // It's not exactly a secret that in the past couple of years, SNL has really lost its fire. People were skeptical of the new cast and unwilling to let go of the "glory years" of Tina, Amy, Kristen, Andy... etc. During election season SNL got a lot better and I'm really excited for the future of the show. Aziz Ansari is one of my favorite comedians and he NAILED it with this monologue.

This Is Us Renewed // If you haven't started watching This is Us... better start now!! This is one of my new favorite shows. It truly has it all: every episode makes me laugh and cry and feel good and think about every aspect of my life. SO GOOD. And the episodes are only getting better as the season goes on!! I can't wait for what seasons 2 and 3 have in store.

Parks and Rec Jokes // I think I've mentioned on here a few times that Parks and Recreation is my all-time favorite TV show. If you didn't know that, well you do now! I just finished it on Netflix (for like the 10th time) and I'm pretty close to just starting it over again!

Crock Pot Queso Blanco // I was brainstorming with my mom yesterday about what to make for the Super Bowl party she hosts annually. This year will be fun because not only will I be home for it, but my hometown Atlanta Falcons are playing!! I'm so excited and actually cried when they secured their spot in the game! This cheese dip looks amazing, and really, what is a Super Bowl party without queso?!

I hope you all had a great week, and an even better weekend!

P.S.: Read about my experience at the Women's March in D.C. here!


  1. I loved Aziz's monologue! Also lol'ing at those parks and rec jokes!
    -Anna |

  2. oooh yum queso. ugh i agree, this past week has been such a headache and i need approximately 5 margaritas ASAP. good luck on your job search girl! I'm in the same boat and just found an internship after a month of sending out like 10 apps a day haha so I feel ya x

  3. Oh my goodness your food picture made me so hungry! Mexican food is the best.

  4. So much fun! Your pictures make me hungry lol.

    Alix |

  5. So excited 'This is Us' got renewed! It's one of my favorite shows!

    Greta |

  6. I loveeee this is us!!! so stinkin' good! I had no doubt it would get renewed.

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

  7. I missed his snl that he hosted but I wish I saw it!

  8. Good luck on the job apps! I've started them as well and it's TERRIFYING!

    xoxo A

  9. Yum the queso sounds delish! You'll have to let us know how it goes.

  10. Yummm to that crockpot queso!! I am so hungry right now and that looks divine.

  11. Good luck at your job apps!!! Hope you had a great week.

  12. I hope your interviews and job search goes well! Hope you had a great weekend

  13. Girl I totally hear you on the job apps, I was applying in Boston for over a year before i ended up getting a full-time job that wasn't an internship. Keep at it, I promise there is a reason it's taking so long!
    I LOVE This is Us! Sending lots of good thoughts your way!
    Ashley |


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