Tuesday, January 31, 2017


If there's one thing graduating early has made me realize... it's how much I miss my college friends!!! Seeing them all together while I'm at home (still) looking for a job is SO HARD. Especially on the weekends!

I'm in desperate need of some girl talk, so I decided to bring back a post I did a while ago that got so much positive feedback. I'll write some questions below, answer them, and then it's up to you answer them in the comments below!

Starbucks order: In the fall I only order pumpkin spice lattes (I'm obsessed with pumpkin EVERYTHING), and the rest of the year I just get regular iced coffee! If it's warm in the fall (which it usually is where I live) I'll sometimes get iced pumpkin spice lattes.... SO. GOOD.
(Appropriate) guilty pleasure: Keeping Up With The Kardashians... both the TV show and stalking each and every social media account the sisters have!
Which Disney Princess you'd like to be: Definitely Elsa. I love snow!
Pet Peeve: People not responding to my emails/text messages. Just let me know you read it, I know you're always on your phone!
All-time favorite food: Buffalo Chicken Tacos from Cantina 76. I'm having serious withdrawals!

Alright, it's your turn! I can't wait to read your responses!

Starbucks order:
(Appropriate) guilty pleasure:
Which Disney Princess you'd like to be:
Pet Peeve:
All-time favorite food:

P.S. Read (and answer!) Girl Talk #1 here!


  1. I'm only a sophomore in college, but I'm transferring and having to leave my friends behind, so I get that. Super sad :(

    Starbucks Order: Iced white mocha with soy
    Guilty Pleasure: I'm with ya on reality TV! I love Vanderpump Rules and any trashy Bravo show. Also, cheese fries.
    Disney Princess: Belle: beauty AND brains.
    Pet Peeve: "Whatever" = A quick way to make me angry!
    All-Time Fave Food: Cheese in any form

  2. Such a cute post idea!
    Starbucks order: caramel apple spice is the bommmb
    (Appropriate) guilty pleasure: mmh anything with cheese
    Which Disney Princess you'd like to be: probably pocahontas or rapunzel
    Pet Peeve: when people are late!
    All-time favorite food: tacos!

  3. Buffalo chicken tacos sound amazing! This is so fun.

    Starbucks order: Hot chocolate bc homegirl doesn't like coffee
    (Appropriate) guilty pleasure: dessert, honestly. it's an obsession.
    Which Disney Princess you'd like to be: Belle!
    Pet Peeve: Late people or people who don't use their blinkers
    All-time favorite food: enchiladas.

    1. YUM enchiladas sound so good right now!

  4. Starbucks order: Hot Chocolate with no whip
    (Appropriate) guilty pleasure: Watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians
    Which Disney Princess you'd like to be: Jasmine
    Pet Peeve: People being late
    All-time favorite food: Mashed Potatoes

    Greta | www.gretahollar.com

  5. Starbucks order: always skinny caramel macchiato
    Disney Princess: Cinderella, bc I'm the original Princess
    Pet Peeve: when people blame others for their fault!!!!! OMG OWN IT
    All time favorite food: Tori how am I supposed to choose one food???? Chipotle, Chick fil a, Fries!!!! donuts

  6. Starbucks order: quad iced espresso
    (Appropriate) guilty pleasure: bachelorrrrrr
    Which Disney Princess you'd like to be: Belle
    Pet Peeve: people tapping or being rude or denying having any recollection of stuff you know happened because they don't want to take ownership of their behavior... i have a lot of pet peeves actually haha
    All-time favorite food: omg i can't decide! Chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, chicken and waffles, bbq baby back ribs... yum

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

    1. People tapping on things annoys me too! Just stay still hahaha

  7. I love girl talk too! My favorite Starbucks order is a soy vanilla latte & my favorite princess is Rapunzel from Tangled.

    1. I love Tangled! I cry every time during At Last I See The Light.

  8. I feel youuuu on that pet peeve! people don't put their phones down, so it's not an excuse. x, nicole // www.nicoleeigh.com

  9. Starbucks = non fat latte
    I dont really have a guilty pleasure that i know of lol
    pet peeve= when people read my texts but dont reply when its important
    fav food= Well my zia makes home made pasta so prob that!!

    1. I've never had homemade pasta!!! Sounds SO good!

  10. Aw this is so fun!
    Starbucks order: Grande Triple Shot Soy Latte
    (Appropriate) guilty pleasure: omg The Bachelor
    Which Disney Princess you'd like to be: Jasmine or Mulan
    Pet Peeve: LOUD CHEWING
    All-time favorite food: pizza, literally so generic but I can't lie

  11. Starbucks order: Grande Vanilla Latte (hot) or Venti (or Trenta) Passion Tea Lemonade (half-sweetened)
    (Appropriate) guilty pleasure: Real Housewives
    Which Disney Princess you'd like to be: I always loved Ariel growing up, but Prince Philip is a hottie so maybe Aurora :P
    Pet Peeve: People kicking or knocking into my seat, or tapping- my bf does this and I cannot STAND it
    All-time favorite food: Hard! Maybe potatoes (boil 'em, mash 'em, stick em in a stew...)

  12. Oh this idea is so cute! Okay, here I go...

    Starbucks order: either a hot chocolate or double chocolaty chip frappe! (not a huge coffee fan)
    (Appropriate) guilty pleasure: online shopping
    Which Disney Princess you'd like to be: Belle! I think we're the most alike
    Pet Peeve: cracking knuckles
    All-time favorite food: burgers!

  13. Such a fun post! Pet peeve for me is popping gum!



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