Friday, September 9, 2016

Weekly Recap

This past week has been really overwhelming. You may have noticed that I've been really lacking on posts these past couple of weeks. I come home from work and class and don't even look at my computer when I got home. I'm simply exhausted from class and from work that the blog is the last thing I want to work on.

My life has been crazy recently. I'm going to do a more detailed post about this next week... but in short, if you had asked me even a week ago what my 5 year plan was, it's SO DIFFERENT now!

A friend and I watched the sunset from the top of our football stadium this week... It was in the opposite direction, but this view is just as pretty. One of the many perks of working in the stadium.


I have so much to share this week because there were a ton of things from the past few weeks that I wanted to share too!

Zion's New Hands // I remember watching this story unfold last year and just thinking about how incredible this child is. Zion is truly amazing, and everything he says just makes me tear up! He told the Today Show that his favorite thing about having new hands is being able to wrap them around his mom... I literally started to cry even though I had just done my makeup. Ha!

Humans of New York: Headstrong Project // I love this series by Humans of New York. I love most of his series, but Veterans rights in the USA is a platform that I really am all about. (I did a story last year for a reporting class on service dogs for PTSD veterans that you can watch here!) This particular interview really got me crying. So good and so sad - but with a sweet ending.

Nathan for You // Y'all. This is my new obsession. I went over to a friend's house on Saturday and they put on Nathan for You... I could not stop laughing! It is so funny!! If you haven't watched it before, you won't regret it! I've linked one of my favorite sketches, but they're all great. I'm really not sure how he does this with a straight face!

Laurie Hernandez on Dancing with the Stars // I'm so excited that Laurie Hernandez is joining the cast of Dancing with the Stars!! I hope I'm able to keep up with this season! I love Laurie and she is literally the picture definition of someone who can brighten a room immediately after they walk in! I can't wait and I hope she does well. (She's joining fellow Olympian Ryan Lochte on the cast, too.)

Grace VanderWaal - Beautiful Things // I shared Grace's first audition on here and now it's finally time for the live shows on America's Got Talent! Grace is so amazingly talented, I can't believe she is only 12 years old!! She is so incredibly talented and I think that will only increase with age.

FSU Player Eats Lunch with Autistic Boy // I'm a total sucker for stories like this y'all. College football players, especially at big and well-known universities can be so cocky sometimes so it's refreshing to hear of one that is realizing that his "fame" can give back to the community.

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