Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Daily Makeup Products

I really wanted today's post to be a vlog about my daily makeup routine, but unfortunately between moving in and working and starting up school again I just didn't find the time. Hopefully someday soon I'll be able to make that video and share it with y'all! (I love watching other bloggers' makeup routines... I'm super nosy and find it super interesting!)

Instead of my makeup routine, I thought instead I would share products that I use every day when I get ready! Most of these products can be found at drug stores, but some are nicer products that need to be bought at a store like Ulta or Sephora. The price on these items can be really discouraging, but they last so long and really are such good products that it's worth it! For me, since I want to have an on-camera career, spending extra money on makeup is worth it and will help me in the end.

After washing my face (usually in the shower) and moisturizing (still trying to find a daily one that I love using), these are the products I use in the order I put them on!

Maybelline BB Cream // I've been using BB cream for a little over a year and a half now, and I don't know why I waited so long to start! I love this foundation. I have pretty normal skin, and luckily I don't have too much acne or blemishes, so this is a perfectly light foundation for me. I love how little I need to use and still have great coverage!

CoverGirl Concealer // I've used this concealer for years. I put it under my eyes and down by my nose, on the bridge of my nose, and up on my forehead. It looks like war paint when I'm ready to blend it in! I also bring some up from under my eye and use it as a makeshift eye primer.

Nars Translucent Powder // This is a new product in my routine, but I love it so much more than colored powder. I just put a little on the end of a big makeup brush and dab it everywhere I put concealer and around my hairline.

 Maybelline Contour Kit // I usually only use the blush in this kit. (Mostly because I accidentally bought the medium to dark skin tone set instead of the light to medium. Oops.) The bronzer is too dark for me and makes me look funky, but the blush is a great standout color. I just brush some up on my cheekbones, starting at the top of my ear and stroking down, and then up around my forehead and a little under my chin. The highlighter in this kit is also great, so sometimes I brush some of that on my nose and above where I put the blush.

Nars Duo Eyeshadow // I love this palette! It's the perfect set of neutrals for a more casual day, which is all I really need makeup for since I'm always so tired and choose to sleep at night instead. Ha! The product is pricey but the quality of the eyeshadow is worth it. (Sometimes, when I'm especially lazy, I use a flat end eyeshadow brush to lightly fill in my eyebrows... No regrets.)

Revlon All in One Mascara // Guys I love this mascara. I've never tried a better drugstore mascara!! It gives my eyelashes length and volume and sass and it's amazing. Such a value, too, and just under $10!


  1. I love makeup so it's fun to read about what other bloggers are loving! :-)

    xoxo A

  2. Those are great that BB cream is what I live on in the summer! I also use the same concealer, its great! I think it is good to invest in some better makeup as I have seen the quality and results on my face improve!!

  3. I love seeing what people use every day. I find myself changing it up constantly, but the Naked palette is just too good to put down! :)

  4. These are all great products!

    Greta |

  5. These products look like great ones to use! Can't wait to see the follow up video!

    -Meagan | Love by Meagan

  6. These products all look great!
    -Anna |

  7. I have not tried that concealer before I will need to give it a go.

    Sarah ||

  8. Revlon mascara is one of my favorites too. I have not tried Nars before but i've been seeing it so much lately that i'm curious to test it out.

  9. Great picks! I love to see what other people use!

    La Belle Sirene

  10. So many amazing products. I love the UD Naked 2 palette. Did you hear they're releasing a new Naked palette? It looks amazing.

  11. I have been thinking of doing a similar post! I love learning people's go-to beauty supplies!


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