Saturday, June 18, 2016

Looking Forward

This week was really good! I babysat towards the end of it which gave me a reason to actually get out of the house, aside from visiting one of my favorite local coffee shops. While nothing all that exciting happened, projects developed and there's a lot on the horizon for TM. And lots of things to look forward to this week!

Miss South Carolina Pageant // The Miss South Carolina America Organization pageant is this week! I'm really excited for a couple of reasons: one of my good friends Sophie is competing (going to see her compete in talent on Thursday!), and I'm working with the local Fox station here during the live broadcast! Two birds with one stone for sure! Everyone wish her luck!!! GOOD LUCK SOPHIE.

Bachelorette Returns // I'm SO excited because my Monday nights will finally have a purpose again. Just kidding, Monday's are fine, but a week between episodes was ONE WEEK TOO MANY. (P.S. You can read my week 3/4 recap here and my week 2 recap here.) Stay tuned for the recap of this week's episode on Thursday!

My Roommate Comes Home // My roommate is a super talented and amazing artist, which is all fun and games until she leaves for a two week long art conservatory in Asheville! I've been living alone for the past week and it's been really hard. She works most days during the week but it's still nice to just have another body around, ya know? This weekend is the half-way point thank goodness!

Posts for This Week // I'm always excited to post on this blog, but i'm especially excited for this week! Lots of fun posts coming up, like another Mug Monday (WAY more popular than I had anticipated but I'm glad people like it!) and a recipe for the gooiest, cheesiest, best grilled cheese. Stay tuned!!

Have a wonderful weekend, see you on Monday!


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