Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bachelorette Recap : Week 2

I never really watched the Bachelor/Bachelorette Franchise until my sister showed me a picture of Ben Higgins... HOLY MOLY. I had to watch his season after seeing how attractive he was! And now I'm hooked. I love sitting on my couch every Monday night with a glass of wine to watch the drama unfold.

One of my favorite things about the series are the recaps after each episode. (Personal favorites being Betches "Best Bachelorette Recap You'll Ever Read" and Post Grad Problems "A Dude's Breakdown"... I laugh out loud multiple times reading both!) I thought it would be a fun summer project (and excuse to watch the show) if I made my own recaps this summer! Here we go...

First group date of the season. Let's go. 

Obviously Grant is going to win this challenge. It's literally what he does every single day. My guess is that Jojo just wanted more alone time with him, but didn't want to take him on the one-on-one.

The boys left behind in the house are all wasted and it's probably like 10 AM. Honestly, goals. And there's Chad, lurking around the corner as he does. Wait - now he's doing pull-ups with a suitcase full of protein powder attached? ......? I honestly have no verbal response to this.

Derek, who looks a little bit like Jim Halpert, gets the one-on-one date. Who is Derek? Jojo wants to make all of these choices with him, which involve virtually no discussion. They just happen to agree on all of the same choices. I guess it worked out for both of them though when they casually flew all the way up to San Francisco. OK.

Alex is so short but he really does make up for it in the sense that his face is perfect. 

Honestly I was disappointed this week that Jordan was such a minor character. How does one go from being the front runner to being barely mentioned? One word: Chad.

Chad on the group date, after telling Jojo she was nagging him already and backhanded complimenting her all night, "I'm really surprised I didn't get the rose tonight." C'mon, Chad. I get that being the "bad boy" is in these days, but please take a chill pill. You don't have to be friends with the guys in the house but if I were Jojo and I saw someone I could potentially get married to being completely isolated from the group I would be concerned!

Ali is like the unexpected peace keeper in the house. He's the anti-Chad. Chad lurks around corners while other men are talking to Jojo and Ali lurks in the background, waiting to break up fights between other guys and Chad. I love it.

Side note - if (when) a fight breaks out, will this be a la Jersey Shore, where producers and camera men come running out from all corners of the screen to separate them?

Unfortunately, Jojo likes bad boy and Chad is around for at least another week. Alright, Bachelorette Producers. Let's see what you've got!

Eliminated: James (Bachelor Superfan), Brandon (Hipster), Will (Civil Engineer).

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