Make Your Bed!

I made a commitment this past semester to make my bed every morning before leaving for class. Amazingly enough, I stuck to it and took an extra five minutes to reset all of my sheets and pillows before leaving and it really does make a difference! There is no better feeling than coming home to a bed that's made and ready for you to unmake and crawl down into.

There are several reasons to make your bed in the morning, but the number one reason as to why I do it is simple: it is the first thing I can cross off of my to-do list, making my morning productive before I even jump in the shower!

It feels better, it looks better, and you really have nothing to lose by starting up this habit! (Which is exactly what it becomes after a while!)

My Trip to Oman

I landed back in the U.S. late Friday night from my Maymester to Oman. It feels great to be home where it's not 110 degrees every day! Plus, Oman's food is really influenced by Indian food and that is one of 2 genres of food that I really don't like so I was on the struggle bus a little bit. (As in my last meal before getting on the plane was the T.G.I. Friday restaurant down the street!)

On the first morning we went to the Grand Mosque. (It was so beautiful - I ended up going three times while I was there!) My luggage decided to stay for a little bit in London so I was scrapping together all the clothes I could find since we had to be extremely modest.

My hijab kept slipping off my head!

At least I was able to come back and have a proper photoshoot once my clothes came ;)

I had to get some henna while I was there.

One thing I will truly miss about Oman is the juice flavors! They love fresh juices on the hot days and you can definitely tell why! My personal favorites were mango and strawberry... and combined they were even better!

After a week in Muscat we took a tour with GuideOman (10/10 would recommend their tours!) and spent a night camping in Jebel Akhdar, two days in the smaller city of Nizwa, and one night "glamping" in the Wahiba Sand Desert. These were easily the best five days of the trip!! 

We took a small detour to the Grand Canyon of Oman and were surprised with a new friend - a mountain goat! Maybe this goat was very friendly or just wanted some of our food but he was hanging around us like it was NBD!

Now I just have to see the American Grand Canyon.

Oman is truly a beautiful country with wonderful people, but this trip definitely made me realize that European countries were more my cup of tea. I am so thankful for the opportunity that I had to figure that out, and I definitely think that everyone should try to go to Oman at least once, just to see what the other side of the world is like!

Oh Man, I'm Going to Oman

I'm so excited (and a little bit nervous!) because tonight I head off to Muscat, Oman for a two week long Maymester! Third time is the charm, right?!

I'm really looking forward to going to a place that so many people don't even think about vacationing! The fashion, the food, the culture... All things closed off (or misconstrued!) to the "Western world" which just makes me even more excited to go.

See ya on the flip side!

Waking Up When You Just Don't Want To

I love sleep. I really do. I don't (can't) take naps during the day, so I value my nights very much. While I usually don't stay up very late, there are still some mornings where I just can't seem to keep my eyes open and get out of bed! (Especially in the winter! Why would I want to leave my warm and cozy bed?)

Here are some tips and tricks I have come up with that make getting out of bed a lot easier for me.

Wake up to natural light // My room in my house faces the east, so it is full of natural lights. At first, this was annoying to me (especially on mornings when I could sleep in past 8:00) but now I have come to love it. Even if I don't have to wake up super early, it is still really nice to be able to wake up to natural light coming through my window than to a loud and annoying alarm!

Use a vibration alarm // One of the many, many reasons I love my FitBit is the alarm setting! It gently vibrates against my wrist until it deems me awake (aka getting up and moving around!). There is a snooze option, but I'm not really sure how it works so on one of those mornings when I try to snooze it i end up just flailing my wrist around or hitting it with my other hand, which ends up being a lot of energy so it wakes me up anyway!

Wake up how YOU want to // You read time and time again how you're not supposed to immediately check your phone when you wake up... But if that's what you want to do, I say go for it! I've been waking up that way for years. I wake up 15 minutes before I really need to, check my phone, and then the second those 15 minutes are up, I'm ready for a productive morning. I even find that this makes me check my phone less and less throughout the morning because I have already caught up on everything that needs to be checked! It's totally a personal preference though: if you want to wake up and go on a run, do it! If you can't wake up until you're in a piping hot shower, more power to ya!

Treat yo'self // Got up extra early? Showered even though you didn't want to? Made your bed? Treat yourself! Buy a cup of coffee from that place down the street. Watch one extra episode on Netflix! Reward your good behavior with a treat every now and then.